Mow, Edge, Weed-eat & Blow

Small Lots
(up to 5,000 sqft)
Average Lots
(up to 10,000 sqft)
(up to 12,000 sqft)

Note: These prices are for regular season mowing services (April-October) and on going long-term customers after initial clean-up.  Initial Service, Overgrown/General Cleanup, Leaf cleanups, Off-season, and additional services are priced by our hourly rate. We may not be able to accommodate all service requests.  There is a minimum of 8  services for the above rates. A $50 fee will be assessed for early discontinuation. Sales Tax Applies.  No 1-time service.
                                                                             Reward legal lawn services for doing the right thing!
Pricing Points: Mow Masters operates under the highest business standards, follows tax laws, has the best credentials, high ethics, we are insured, ratings/reviews, and experience in the industry. There are many illegally operating lawn services offering lower prices because they violate Federal and State laws, tax regulations, basic ethical practices, and do not exist on paper. Who do you want on your property and neighborhood?

Employee Care:  Our employees are long-term, stable and reliable: averaging 6+ years of employment.  They are drug-free and have no criminal records.  Our employees are salaried; set up on legitimate payroll and pay income tax.

Additional Services


The following services are for Weekly and Biweekly mowing customers only:

Hedge trimming, bed work, overgrown mowing, leaf/winter cleanup

$50 per man hour
Organic Fertilization (4 times a year: March, May, July, Sept)

"I highly recommend Mow Masters™. I have been using Mow Masters™ for about 9 months. I like the quality of work done by Mow Masters™. They come at their scheduled date and are fast!
-- R. B. (Carrollton)