Service Details

There is a minimum of 6 (six) services for the below rates. For early discontinuation, a $50 fee will be required. Sales Tax applies. Initial service/overgrown lawns are subject to our Additional Services charge. We may not be able to accommodate all requests.  Continuing Service: Mowing service will automatically renew from season to season until service is cancelled.

      Regular Lawn Care Season:

  • April - October: Regular weekly & bi-weekly service. See pricing.
  • Off-Season Lawn Care:

  • November - March: Biweekly service for all customers, bagging/leaf cleanup, and winter-related cleanup (hourly rate may apply).
  • Service Areas:

  • Carrollton - 75006, 75007, 75010
  • Farmers Branch - 75234
  • Castle Hills - 75056
  • Far North Dallas - 75287 (West of Marsh Ln.)
  • Terms of Service:
    To help us better serve you, please prepare the lawn area prior to your scheduled day of service. Safety is of utmost importance to Mow Masters™ - for both our customers and our employees. Please read and comply with the following:

  • Continuing Service: Mowing service will automatically renew from season to season until service is cancelled.
  • Mowing: Mow Masters™ Lawn Care, LLC specializes in weekly and biweekly lawn maintenance. All prices include mowing with a 21 inch commercial light weight mulching mower, edging all sidewalks, curbs, driveway and alley, line trimming around house, fences, trees, and beds, and cleaning concrete areas with an air blower.
  • Pricing: are determined by the size of your lawn and the frequency of service. Rates are for commonly designed flat lawns. Prices may vary due to uncommon situations, on the initial service, and overgrown conditions. Minimum of 5 services to receive standard rates. Early discontinuation will result in a $50 + tax charge. Additional Service including hedge trimming, overgrown mowing, leaf cleanup, and scalping are priced by time: 2 or 3 man crew @ $50 per man hour.
  • Payment: Your credit/debit card will be charged per service after each service. Please keep your card updated/current to avoid billing issues. Charges will be shown on your credit card statements, no receipt will be mailed. If a description of charges is needed or there is an error in billing, please contact us accordingly.
  • Prep. before Service: Please remove miscellaneous objects from the mow areas (i.e., debris, animal waste, toys, rocks, roll up garden hoses, etc.). For sanitary reasons, please remove animal waste from mow areas.
  • Dogs: For the protection, safety, and to prevent escape of your dog(s) and for the safety of our employees, please keep dog(s) indoors during service. We will not mow areas with dog(s) left outside.
  • Watering - Sprinkler Systems: Please don't water the day before or the day of service. If a sprinkler head is damaged and isn't repair on site, please contact within 24 hours to schedule a repair.
  • Above Ground Wiring: Wiring on lawn areas are often not easily visable and may be subject to damage. Therefore, we are not responible for any damage to above ground/not properly buried wiring. This includes but is not limited to: low voltage lighting, cable TV, telephone, or internet lines, extension cords, holiday lighting, landscape lighting, etc.
  • Service Issues: If a problem occurs during lawn service, please contact us within 24 hours, so the issue can be resolved. We consider work to be done to the customers satisfaction if we receive no response within the first 24 hours. Mow Masters™ reserves the right to decline service to any customer/potential customer.
  • Locked Gates: If you normally lock your gate, and if you prefer not to leave your gate unlocked, please provide us with a key or 4 number bottom type combination lock. It is the customer's responsibility to remember to have gate(s) unlocked on service dates. If the gate(s) are locked, we can not return or reduce the price for that specific service date.
  • Cancellation: You may cancel service at any time. No Contracts required. Cancellations by email or phone must take place at least 2 business days prior to your next service.
  • Rain: If it rains on your scheduled day, plan accordingly for us to come. However, depending upon how much it rains, we may be a day or two behind.